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 Belt driven & motorized
  Frequency Manual tool change
  Frequency automatic tool change

High frequency spindles for automatic tool change

GMN High frequency spindles for automatic tool change are used amongst others for applications

  • at mould and toolmaking

  • at micro machining

  • at machining ofcomponents for aerospace

These spindles are designed and manufactured on customised demands. Know-how and experience of our technicians incorporates constantly into these process. The result is a optimal designed product for the respective application.

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High frequency spindles for manual tool change

GMN High frequency spindles for manual tool change are especially used for grinding, e. g. bore grinding. In addition, HSP and HV-P spindles are used for milling and drilling.

The High frequency spindles for manual tool change are “standard catalogue spindles”. That means, the data for the most suitable spindle for a special application can be immediately chosen out of a wide range of standard products by the design engineer of a machine tool.

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Direct motorized spindles, air cooled

GMN Motor spindles are used for grinding - TSE spindles - for internal grinding, external grinding and surface grinding – and for drilling and milling - TSEV spindles.

There is no necessity of a chiller because the flanged motor is air cooled. This leads to lower costs of acquisition and operation.

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Belt driven spindles

GMN Precision spindles for belt drive are used for internal grinding, external grinding and surface grinding. The difference of the spindles is the tool interface. This is an external taper at  TSA spindles, an internal taper at TSI spindles and an internal cylindrical pilot with draw thread and face clamping at TSP spindles.

TSAV spindles also have an external taper as tool interface like TSA Spindles. The difference of these both styles is the bearing application. The bearings of the TSAV Spindles are solid preloaded compared to the spring preloaded TSA Spindles. This leads finally to higher stiffness.

The characteristic of TSL spindles with external taper is the stepped spindle housing. This enables deep internal grinding of bores.

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